Is Sclerotherapy Right for You?

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By South Valley Vascular
July 19, 2021

Is Sclerotherapy Right for You?

There are many different treatments for varicose veins, which are also known as spider veins.  These solutions vary depending on the severity of the varicose veins and what the end goal is.  There are lifestyle changes, therapies like compression therapy, and surgeries to reduce the swelling, pain, and visibility of varicose veins.  One solution is sclerotherapy.  Here is everything you need to know to decide whether or not sclerotherapy is right for you.

What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates varicose veins.  A solution is injected into the veins that causes them to collapse and shut down.  The veins will fade and disappear within a few weeks of the procedure, making sclerotherapy an appealing cosmetic solution.  It is safe and effective, as blood will automatically be rerouted to healthy veins in your legs or hands.  Collateral circulation will take over the job of the varicose veins.

Who Can Benefit From Sclerotherapy?

If you have spider or varicose veins, sclerotherapy is an option for you.  It will eliminate the dark red or purple lines on your legs or hands.  If your concern about your veins is mostly about looks, sclerotherapy is a fairly simple solution.  No more need to cover up your veins with clothes or makeup.  Simply get rid of them.  Unlike surgery, there are no scars left behind from sclerotherapy either.

People who experience pain or aching from varicose veins can also benefit from sclerotherapy.  Because the veins that are causing you trouble are eliminated, your pain should disappear after the procedure.  Your body will readjust so that blood flow continues without causing you swelling, aches, and pains.

How Long Does Sclerotherapy Take?

The exact time frame varies from patient to patient depending on the number of varicose veins you have.  It generally takes under an hour.  Sclerotherapy does not take nearly as long as surgery would.  There is less recovery time as well.  It is an outpatient procedure, so once you have received the injection and are wearing bandages and compression socks, you are free to leave.  You should follow your doctor’s instructions for after sclerotherapy.  They usually want you to wear bandages and compression socks for around two weeks and avoid strenuous exercise.  Besides that, you are free to go about your normal activities.

As for how long it takes your varicose veins to completely fade, that depends how dark they were in the first place.  If your veins were relatively small, you could see complete results in three to six weeks.  Larger veins may last for up to four months.  These sometimes require multiple rounds of sclerotherapy to completely disappear.

Are There Any Side Effects of Sclerotherapy?

Most side effects of sclerotherapy are mild.  These include bruising, raised red areas, small skin sores, darkened skin lines or spots, and multiple tiny red blood vessels near the injection site.  Any of these marks should go away within a few weeks of the procedure.  More rare side effects include inflammation, blood clots, and an allergic reaction.  Contact your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

Sclerotherapy Near Me

If your varicose veins are bothering you, either by how they look or feel, maybe it’s time to try sclerotherapy.  South Valley Vascular performs sclerotherapy and many other varicose vein procedures and treatments. They are conveniently located in Visalia, Porterville, and Hanford, California. Even if you aren’t sure about sclerotherapy, the experts at South Valley Vascular can help you find a different treatment that meets your needs. Call (559) 625-4118 or visit them online to schedule an appointment today.