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Varicose Vein

They are ugly, blue or purple veins that look like twisted or bulging cords
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About Us

South Valley Vascular opened in 2005 and now has 5 offices in the south valley.

South Valley Vascular began when Dr. Campbell moved to Visalia in 2005 to start a vascular surgery practice. His goal was simple: to build a medical practice specializing in the care of patients with vascular disease. Dr. Campbell’s practice grew significantly, and in 2007, he was joined by Dr. Araim. As the practice continued to grow, Drs. Campbell and Araim formed South Valley Vascular Associates in 2011. Recognizing the need for specialized vascular care in other nearby communities, such as Hanford, Exeter, and Porterville, the practice continued its expansion. Dr. Abdulrahman Hamdi joined South Valley Vascular in July 2017, Dr. Siddhartha Agrawal in January 2019, and Dr. Alexander Nguyen in August 2021, further contributing to the growth and expertise of the practice.

What We Do

Simply stated, a vascular surgeon treats diseases of the arteries.
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