How to Know When It's Time for a Kidney Ultrasound

Blog Post
By South Valley Vascular
July 12, 2022

Kidneys are some of the hardest-working organs in the body. When they are working properly, you don’t even know they are there. However, when your kidneys begin to fail, you could experience a wide range of symptoms. Sometimes getting a kidney ultrasound is the only way to tell how well your kidneys are functioning. 

Never Take Your Kidney Health for Granted

Early treatment for kidney disease is essential. The problem is many people don’t even know they have it until it’s too late. Your kidney health is vital, so pay attention to these signs that might signal the need for a kidney ultrasound.

Shortness of Breath

When kidneys begin to fail, they can’t remove extra fluid from your body as much as normal. The result is fluid building up in the lungs, which can make it more difficult to breathe. It’s easy to confuse kidney failure with heart failure or even asthma since the symptoms are the same. That’s why doctors will often perform a kidney disease ultrasound to ensure your kidneys are functioning properly.

Unexplained Swelling

Kidneys also struggle with removing excess sodium from the blood when they aren’t working properly. So any salt you consume remains in your body and swelling can occur as a result. Most of the time people experience swelling in the hands, feet, face, and ankles. If you experience swelling in these areas and don’t know why, it’s best to see a doctor for an evaluation.

Discolored Urine

The appearance of your urine can help determine whether the body is functioning correctly. The frequency of urination is also a telling sign. Bubbly, foamy, bloody, or discolored urine are all signs something might not be right with your kidneys. So is getting up to urinate more often throughout the night. Always pay attention to your urination patterns and seek medical care if anything is different.

Weakness or Fatigue

There are plenty of reasons why you might feel weak or fatigued. If your weakness or fatigue is unexplained, then you may need to get a kidney ultrasound. Kidneys produce red blood cells to help transport oxygen throughout the body. When kidneys aren’t working properly, your body may lack oxygen, which leads to weakness or fatigue. 

Difficulty Sleeping

Getting enough sleep is essential to your overall health. If you have a hard time going to sleep or staying asleep, then your doctor needs to figure out why. Many factors can contribute to lack of sleep, but a kidney ultrasound can confirm whether your kidneys are a contributor. Sleep apnea is a common side effect of kidney disease. So if your sleep difficulties are unexplained, then it’s highly recommended to visit your doctor.

Pay Attention to Your Body to Maintain Good Kidney Health

Kidney disease is slow-developing and people often don’t experience any symptoms until they already have it. That’s why it’s critical to pay attention to your body and make note of anything out of the ordinary. When your kidney health is not optimal, you might experience strange things happening with your body. The only way to tell if your kidneys are to blame for these side effects is to get a kidney ultrasound.

The experts at South Valley Vascular are here to ensure your kidney health is ideal. A kidney ultrasound is quick and easy to do, and will typically provide the answers we need. The earlier we can diagnose kidney disease, the quicker we can help you recover. It’s never too late to prioritize your health. Contact us to schedule a consultation or a kidney ultrasound if you have experienced any of the above symptoms.