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Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) FAQs

What is PAD? It is narrowing or hardening of the arteries in the vessels that carry blood to your limbs. In the legs, this reduced blood flow can cause cramping and pain.  When this process affects arteries in the heart it is called coronary heart disease. Which arteries are affected? In PAD, the arteries in […]


Leg Pain When Walking

We all have aches and pains, and can usually attribute them to something we have done, like working out too hard, lifting something too heavy, playing a sport that we don’t usually play. But when we get older and experience leg cramps, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, or legs so weak or tight it hurts […]


Vascular Causes of Leg Pain

Vascular (circulatory) diseases that cause leg pain are conditions that affect your arteries and veins. The heart pumps blood through your body via a complex system of veins and arteries. Healthy veins and arteries are elastic vessels that carry the blood. Veins carry blood from the extremities back to the heart. Arteries carry oxygen rich […]